Dec 12, 2013

Simple Ways to Tighten Up Your Breast

Many ways you can do to tighten your breasts. Habit of using proper bra helped to form your breast, besides do exercise regularly and breast care after give a birth. The sex appeal of a woman determined by the shape of the breast, so for you who want an attractive appearance while maintaining modesty in dress can do three natural breast firming techniques as follows.

Push-up Bra
The first is by using a push-up bra. This type of bra designed to raise breast to look sexier and bonny. Some kind of bra is equipped with ion energy can help to regenerate breast cells to look sexier. The use of this type with the right bra will help you get a beautiful breast shape and toned.

Breast Exercise
The second way is by exercise. The goal is to tighten the muscles of the breast. Spread your hands from the chest to the side and from the shoulders up, each with as many as twenty to forty times or in accordance with its capabilities will provide a fairly good effect for the muscles around the breast. This exercise can be gradually increased up to a hundred or more just depends on your abilities.

Breast Massage
The third way is by practice massage / breast massage before bathing in the morning and afternoon. To be taut breasts, do massage using olive oil or coconut oil in a circular motion around the breast in a clockwise direction as much as ten to twenty times. Next, with the opposite spin direction opposite to the clockwise direction by the same amount.

Those three simple ways are effectively tighten your breasts. Ensure that besides you doing the regular exercise, you are also eating a balanced nutritious diet and avoid stress ideas to your practice can run optimally for your health as a key achievement of what you are aimed for.
Title: Simple Ways to Tighten Up Your Breast
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