Dec 9, 2013

Simple Tips to Make Your Body Looks Slimmer

Every woman wants to look slim and sexy. Many of them try to do exercise and diet. But, exercise and extreme diet are not just the simple ways to make your body look slimmer. In this case, you need to know some tricks to cover and hide your body fats. Just read the tips and tricks below to make your body look slimmer.

Single color clothes
Wear a single color clothes can affect the body streamline. Adjust the color of your hair with the clothes to match.

V neckline
V neckline is tapered to create a more streamlined, but that impression will be able to manipulate the line shape through the corners.

Pointy shoes
Effects of high heels on shoes can show you the ideal body impression. Similar effects can be obtained on the flat-heeled shoes. The key is in the front of the taper, so the legs will look longer, so that will make you look taller and slimmer.

Pants with high waist fitted your body
Choose the appropriate pants or jeans with high waist trousers -waist cut down the middle will make the stomach appear bloated. While waist pants that are too high will make you look shorter and square. Therefore select a waist pants or jeans just below the navel.
The tricks above can be used for you to look attractive in appearance. However, you still need to maintain your body weight through exercise, fasting and diet program remains to be done in order to obtain maximum results and a healthy body.
Title: Simple Tips to Make Your Body Looks Slimmer
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